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  • Method ASTM D5769
  • Repeatability variable, see method
  • Reproducibility variable, see method
  • Blending linear
  • Additive Correction No

The purpose of this test is to determine benzene, toluene, and total aromatics in finished gasoline inclusive of reformulated gasoline (RFG) that contains oxygenated blending components, by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS)

This method uses both a gc and an ms detector to identify the aromatics content in your gasoline samples. A regular gc could do this as well but with the addition of the mass spec detector the accuracy is greatly increased. This is the standard method for the epa and domestic gasoline buyers/sellers. Be advised that this method is only good for aromatics up to 42% vol. After this maximum is reached D1319 Fia or DHA is recommended to accurately measure the aromatics.