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Burning Quality

  • Method ASTM D187
  • Repeatability see method for details
  • Reproducibility see method for details
  • Blending non-linear
  • Additive Correction No

Used for the qualitative determination of the burning properties of kerosene to be used for illuminating purposes.

The test method works by burning Kerosene in a method specific lamp for 16 hours. Prepping the lamp requires special cutting of the wick to shape it and cleaning of the glassware that is placed on top. This is done to regulate the flame shape and dimensions while also providing a clean environment for the deposits to form on the glass. Once the test is completed the burning rate, flame change, deposit density, and color of the chimney deposits are reported.

All of the values above lead to a qualitative evaluation of the kerosene for which the customer must identify specific limits to meet their criteria.