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Glycerin Content of Biodiesel

  • Method ASTM D6584
  • Repeatability variable, see method
  • Reproducibility not yet determined
  • Blending linear
  • Additive Correction No

When feedstocks are processed in to biodiesel glycerides contained in the sample are converted to Fatty Acid Methyl Esters. The purpose of this test is to determine the amount of unreacted glycerides in the sample. It will give a good indication of the quality of the biodiesel.

High glyceride content can cause issues during storage and use. In storage and use the glycerin can separate and cause pumps and filters to block. Hight total glycerin can lead to diesel engine injectors to foul and deposits on the tops of pistons and valves.

The method is performed by gc with a special prep to ensure that it will not cause damage to the equipment.