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MSEP in Jet Fuel and Kerosene

  • Method ASTM D3948
  • Repeatability variable, see method
  • Reproducibility variable, see method
  • Blending non-linear
  • Additive Correction No

This test method covers a rapid portable means for field and laboratory use to rate the ability of aviation turbine fuels to release entrained or emulsified water when passed through fiberglass coalescing material.

MSEP is short for microseparometer. The method is performed by adding water and sample to a large syringe. It is then mixed until an emulsion is formed. A fiberglass filter is then fitted to the end of the syringe and the sample is passed through it into a glass test jar. The instrument then passes light through the jar to determine on a 0-100 scale how easily the water is coalesced. If the water is not easily coalesced the presence of surfactants is highly likely. This can cause issues with the aircrafts filtration systems and lead to engine damage.