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Particulate Matter by Filtration

  • Method ASTM D5452
  • Repeatability 0 -.06 mg / L
  • Reproducibility 0 -.06 mg / L
  • Blending non-linear
  • Additive Correction No

This test method covers the gravimetric determination by filtration of particulate contaminant in a sample of aviation turbine fuel delivered to a laboratory. The sample is filtered through a test membrane and a control membrane using vacuum. The mass change difference identifies the contaminant level per unit volume.

The method is used to spot any issues in the fuel before the final user receives it. An excessive amount of particulate contamination can cause fuel filters in the system to fail and obstruct the fuel feeding to the turbine.

There is also another rating that is performed on the same set of filters used in the method. It is a color rating system that is normally referred to as the Munsell rating. The filter is compared to colors on the filter chart and an alpha numeric rating is given. This will give an indication of how black, brown, or red the filter as well as how dark the hue is.