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PH Value

  • Method ASTM D6423
  • Repeatability 0.29 pH
  • Reproducibility 0.52 pH
  • Blending non-linear
  • Additive Correction No

This method includes procedure to determine a measure of the acid strength of high ethanol content fuels. These include denatured fuel ethanol and ethanol fuel blends. The test method is applicable to denatured fuel ethanol and ethanol fuel blends containing ethanol at 51 % by volume, or more.

The method is a good indication of the corrosion potential held by the product by using the Ph scale. The Ph scale ranges from 0 (extremely acidic) to 14 (extremely basic) with pure water holding a Ph of 7. This scale is also better suited to showcasing how corrosive a product is than total acid number. Total acid number will only give you an amount of acid in the sample vs how acidic it is.