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Sulfur in Petroleum Products

  • Method ASTM D2622/ASTM D5453/ASTM D4294
  • Repeatability Variable, see method
  • Reproducibility Variable, see method
  • Blending linear
  • Additive Correction No

The total sulfur content of petroleum products are monitored very closely by regulations set forth by local, state, and/or federal compliance agencies. This is due to the damages sulfur can cause when combusted and turned into SO2 or sulfur dioxide. This compound can cause injury to the respiratory track in animals and humans. It can also be converted into sulfuric acid when mixed with air and water. This can lead to the formation of acid rain.

Sulfur is also important to classify the type of product being bought or sold. Many specs use the total sulfur to separate the products into different groups (low sulphur fuel oil, high sulfur fuel oil, etc.).