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Sulfur by Chemiluminescence

  • Method ASTM D5453
  • Repeatability Variable, see method
  • Reproducibility Variable, see method
  • Blending linear
  • Additive Correction No

The purpose of this test is to determine total sulfur in liquid hydrocarbons, boiling in the range from approximately 25 to 400°C, with viscosities between approximately 0.2 and 20 cSt (mm 2/S) at room temperature.

The method uses ultraviolet fluorescence technology to quantify the sulfur. A sample is first injected into a combustion tube where the sulfur is converted into SO2 or sulfur dioxide. The gas is then transferred to a detector lit by ultraviolet light. The SO2 as it passes the UV lamp will fluoresce and produce light that is measured by the detector. This is then compared to a calibration to yield the final result in ppm or weight percent.