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Water Reaction

  • Method ASTM D1094
  • Repeatability None Established
  • Reproducibility None Established
  • Blending non-linear
  • Additive Correction No

The purpose of this test is to determine the presence of water-miscible components in aviation gasoline and turbine fuels, and the effect of these components on volume change and on the fuel-water interface.

The method is performed by adding fuel and water (containing a phosphate buffer) to a graduated cylinder. The cylinder is then shaken to mix the two thoroughly. Once complete the volume change, interface, and separation are examined and the results are reported. A volume change will show if there are water soluble compounds in the fuel. The interface and separation can give indicators of surfactants present in the sample which can render filtration systems inoperable. When testing an aviation gasoline test method D3948 is much better at detecting surfactants.