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Water by Karl Fischer

  • Method E203
  • Repeatability 0.0001
  • Reproducibility 0.00078
  • Blending linear
  • Additive Correction No

This test method is intended as a general guide for the application of the volumetric Karl Fischer (KF) titration for determining free water and water of hydration in most solid or liquid organic and inorganic compounds. This test method is designed for use with automatic titration systems capable of determining the KF titration end point potentiometrically. This method is normally used for higher concentrations of water. The E1064 coulometric karl fischer is recommended for concentrations under 500ppm.

In this method the sample is introduced to the titration vessel after being weighed. Titrant is then dispensed that will react with the water resulting in an electric current change. This is done until the reading matches what the unit was at before the addition of the sample. A calculation is then performed basis the weight of the sample and the volume of the titrant used to produce a ppm or weight percent result.