We are pleased to announce that AmSpec has once again expanded its service offerings from its state of the art facilities to cover your global needs in the best way possible.

 Along with the full spectrum of analytical services our technical centers (TC) in Houston (HTC – USA), Rotterdam (RTC – Netherlands) and Singapore (STC) are now providing Crude Assay services on a global basis.

 Crude Assay is a comprehensive evaluation of crude oil feedstocks. Each crude oil type has unique molecular and chemical characteristics and there are crucial differences in the quality of each. The data from assays provide refiners, oil traders and producers assessment to their market position.

 AmSpec offers the most reliable crude assay analytical data to facilitate your decisions, so you can take advantage of any opportunity. Experienced staff and the latest equipment are available to help you to market your product in the fastest time available in the marketplace, 24/7.

 AmSpec’s global reach Crude Assay Departments can be reached by email at:

 Houston Technical Center: CrudeTechnicalTeam@amspecgroup.com 

Singapore Technical Center: SG.CrudeAssay@amspecgroup.com

Rotterdam Technical Center:   RTC-CrudeAssay@amspecgroup.com