“Since starting at Glencore in 2007, I have been very pleased to use Amspec as our EPA designated RFG reporting company. We use Amspec exclusively in NY Harbor and the Gulf for all of our operations. Amspec has managed and reported our RFG pace reports without issue. The lab turnaround times are outstanding and all quantity reports are very timely. I highly recommend Amspec and consider them second to none.”

JC Garrett- Glencore, Ltd

“Since coming to Northville in 2003 and overseeing all the gasoline operations in NY harbor, I have been very happy with our relationship with Amspec. We use Amspec as our EPA designated RFG reporting company.  Amspec has been a great help to us in ensuring that all our EPA reports are accurate and complete. The lab provides results in a timely manner and the service provided by the Amspec staff is outstanding. I would highly recommend Amspec for their exceptional service and expertise in the petroleum inspection industry”  

Karen Ardito – NIC Holding Corp.

“Last year in 2010 I switched over to Amspec for all my EPA designated RFG reporting in New York.  I felt much more comfortable with the company as a whole than with the prior company I was using.  I have to say I could not be happier with the great service and quality of work I have received.  The backup office and the lab have done a great job with my work!  In addition to New York harbor, I have had many dealings with the Amspec Philadelphia office whom I have nothing but the upmost praise for.  My work has always been handled very quickly (lab turnaround/quantity reports) but with tons of care.   Not to mention the great group of people in this office, their personalities and caring attitudes go a long way in this business.   In summation, I would highly recommend Amspec for any future dealings.”  

Amy Gingrich – Valero Energy Corporation