AmSpec’s laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and fully-trained, experienced analysts

Gasoline fuel testing, inspection, and certification is available for refiners, blenders, importers and exporters, distributors, cargo custody transfers, and consumer retail stations. Gasoline fuel is tested using industry and regulatory standard testing procedures according to ASTM D4814, EN 228, blended gasoline, pipeline, and / or US regulatory (CARB, EPA) specifications.

Our Laboratories provide full RBOB (reformulated blendstocks), CBOB (conventional blendstocks), and EN 228 (unleaded petrol) gasoline testing and adhere strictly to US-EPA approved methods for reformulated and conventional gasoline analysis procedures.

Our gasoline testing procedures

  • Regulatory compliance monitoring for gasoline manufacturers
  • CBOB, RBOB, and conventional gasoline
  • Full ASTM D4814 specifications
  • Full EN 228 specifications
  • Alkylates, reformates, naphthas, emerging blendstocks, and renewable products
  • Other blendstocks

AmSpec can provide accurate and timely testing of all fuel parameters for regulatory reporting, instilling the highest confidence for your compliance teams. Our group is well versed in many regulatory standards including US Federal, California Air Resource Board (CARB), US State, and international standards.

Our laboratories are also equipped with the newest technology to support your commercial distribution and engineering teams. We can provide research level production testing for component determination using conventional gas chromatograph (GC) detailed hydrocarbon analysis and other emerging technologies like GC-Vacuum Ultraviolet (GC-VUV) using ASTM D6729, D6730 and D8369.

Our operations and field staff have extensive knowledge and experience in troubleshooting quality considerations through the fuel distribution network including retail facility oversight such as Octane, Water/Moisture or monitoring oxygenate blends.

40 CFR 1090

  • Vapor pressure D5191
  • Aromatics D5769, D5580, D1319, D8071
  • Benzene D3606, D5769, D8071
  • Olefins D1319, D6550, D8071
  • Distillation D86
  • Oxygen D5599, D4815, D8071
  • Sulfur D2622, D7039, D5453
  • Octanes D2699, D2700

Quality service ensures the delivery of quality products to the end user, certifying that environmental and performance parameters are met. AmSpec also has an extensive global program, which allows us to analyze the quality of cargo exports towards the USA using denatured ethanol from the USA.

Trust AmSpec for your gasoline TIC needs

How do we guarantee quality? With superior gasoline testing, inspection, and certification services and a deep understanding of your challenges, market conditions, and technical questions related to the products you handle.

For over 35 years, AmSpec LLC has independently and accurately analyzed and measured petroleum and petrochemical products throughout the US and internationally. Through clear and well-documented systems, proper training, high qualifications of employees, and continuous operational improvements, AmSpec strives for the highest level of quality and performance.