Our TIC capabilities

AmSpec’s Biofuels and Feedstock portfolio is growing rapidly. We recently expanded our capabilities globally in multiple locations to provide 24/7 analysis on biofuels and feedstocks.

We are continuously making investments to ensure AmSpec and our customers are ahead in innovation, compliance, and sustainability for years to come.


  • ASTM D6751, BQ-9000 & EN14214 Biodiesel Testing
  • Specialized in and providing guidance on;
    • Cold properties 
    • Glyceride 
    • Water content 

Ethanol fuel testing

  • ASTM D4806 & EN15376 Full Specification Slate
  • D5501 & EN15721 – Ethanol Purity
  • EN 15485, EN15486, EN 15837 & ASTM D5453 Total Sulfur 
  • Calculation – Estimated Denaturant vol%
  • EN 15492, D7319 Chloride, Sulfates/Anions
  • Specialized in providing guidance on: Composition by gas chromatography ATM-053, o-Ethanol, Tert-Butyl Alcohol, MIBK, MEK, Toluene, Heptane, n-Propanol, Ethyl Acetate, Methanol, Diethyl Phthalate, Acetone, Isopropyl Alcohol


  • Full feedstock testing capabilities in multiple laboratories with 24/7 analyzing.

AmSpec’s specialized projects

 In several AmSpec locations the laboratories prepare the end product on laboratory scale using different feedstocks in order to determine the feasibility of the feedstock for your production. AmSpec verifies if the prepared biofuel complies with the end users specification requirements.

Ask our experts for the possibilities.