For over Thirty years, AmSpec Services, LLC has independently and accurately analyzed and measured petroleum and petrochemical products throughout the US, Caribbean, Latin America and around the world.

AmSpec Services, LLC is dedicated to providing quality service exceeding our clients’ expectations.  The Company and employees strive for the highest degree of quality performance, which is achieved through clear and well-documented systems, proper training, the qualifications and experience of employees, and through continuous improvements of all overall operations.

The Company is proud to announce that AmSpec Services, LLC is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard under the scope of the “Provision of Petrochemical and Petroleum Laboratory and Inspection Services.”

AmSpec Services, LLC is a member and active participant in the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA), the Grain and Trade Feed Association (GAFTA), approved as Public Gaugers by US Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security and are members of A.S.T.M and A.P.I.

Membership and participation in these industry organizations requires the Company to review, improve, and maintain the quality and efficiency of all operational and standardization protocols.  The Company’s surveying staff is required to complete certain certification programs for meeting standards of excellence.


  1. All AmSpec measurement devices and methods used for quantity and quality determination, meet the pertinent requirements of 40 CFR 98.3 et. seq. (Green House Gas Mandatory Reporting Rule)

AmSpec is committed in providing a safe, ethical and compliant company for its employees and clients.

Internal Policies and Procedures are in place as well as ISO 9001-2015 accreditation. AmSpec’s continual improvement and conduct is overseen by executive management for implementation and adherence.

Being members of the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA), AmSpec also abides by the IFIA Code of Compliance, which can be viewed at: Download IFIA Leaflet http://www.ifia-federation.org/content/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/IFIA_leaflet.pdf

  • Ethics Policy

    All AmSpec employees, from senior management to hourly paid individuals are at all times expected to conduct themselves and the company’s business in accordance with the policies stated in the AmSpec Employee and Laboratory Quality Manuals and in an honest and ethical manner, always consistent with ensuring utmost integrity.

    Employees’ commitment and adherence to ethical behavior shall be set by training, example and with ethical and technical support to employees’ jobs, functions, tasks and situations. AmSpec expects all employees to treat each other and those with whom they come in contact through their work with courtesy and respect.

    Any employee shall not intentionally provide false, misleading or incomplete information. All acts of violence, willful destruction of property, theft, dishonesty, insubordination or disloyalty toward AmSpec, its employees, or customers are considered unethical.

    Falsifying any records including but not limited to inspection and analytical data reports, time records, expense reports and other reports is against the law and unethical.

    Unauthorized use of AmSpec equipment or supplies; harassment or discrimination against another employee; reporting to work or undertaking working assignments under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other controlled substances is prohibited.

    Any employee who becomes aware of any existing or potential violation of laws, rules, regulations or AmSpec ethics policies is required to notify orally (1-800-291-8345), in writing (Click to email) or in person to Director of Personnel Administration who is also in charge of AmSpec Ethics policy. Failure to do so is itself a violation of this policy. To encourage employees to report any violations, the company will not allow retaliation for reports made in good faith.

  • Quality Policy

    AmSpec is committed to delivering best-in-class quality to customers and the pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction and continual improvement. We will accomplish this by instilling the following principles and operations:

    • Satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations
    • Comply with industry and regulatory requirements
    • Pursue highest standards of professionalism and integrity
    • Continual quality improvement

    Our quality policy is endorsed by executive management and is available to AmSpec employees and all industry participants, whether or not they are our direct customer. To ensure the continuing excellence, we actively seek customer and industry feedback, and use this information to establish and monitor goals and objectives.

    AmSpec’s Quality Objectives related to the delivery of our services are:

    • Precision and accuracy of measurement
    • Timeliness of services
    • Regulatory conformance
    • Customs
    • EPA
    • OSHA
    • DOT
    • Conformance to industry practices
  • Safety Policy

    The cooperation of every employee is necessary to make the company a safe place in which to work. Help yourself and others by reporting unsafe conditions or hazards immediately to your supervisor or to a member of the safety committee. Give earnest consideration to the rules of safety presented to you by e-mails, publicly posted signs, discussions with your supervisor, publicly posted department rules, and regulations published in the company’s Health and Safety Manual. Begin right by always thinking of your safety and that of your coworkers as you perform your job.

    It is the policy of AmSpec to maintain a safe working environment for all employees; safe working conditions and the utilization of safe equipment, in addition to providing professional and periodic safety training to all employees ensuring they have the tools, knowledge and information to safely carry out their assigned duties and responsibilities.

    Every precaution has been taken for providing a safe working environment. The Director of Safety and Training ensures regular and periodic equipment and site inspections and holds regular and periodic safety meetings with all staff members. He also meets with management for planning and implementing further improvements in our safety program as conditions warrant. Common sense and personal interest in safety are the greatest guarantees of our safety at work, at terminal and vessel sites, on the road and at home. We take safety extremely seriously and any willful or habitual violation of safety rules will be considered possible cause for dismissal. AmSpec is sincerely concerned for the health and well being of each and every member of the company’s working team.