Let AmSpec help you unlock the full potential of your liquefied natural gas (LNG) assets and infrastructure projects with our comprehensive testing and inspection services. 

LNG is positioned to be a key part of the global energy transition, with extensive use in both the domestic and industrial sectors. Recent advancements in gas liquefaction and transportation technologies have empowered producers to efficiently manufacture, store, and deliver LNG as a cleaner fuel alternative to global markets at competitive prices, all while prioritizing safety. The trade of LNG has evolved into a significant commercial venture, emphasizing the critical role of thorough inspection and oversight; that is why AmSpec collaborates closely with LNG suppliers and operators to maximize project value while minimizing risks to quality, safety, and efficiency.

Our trusted total quality assurance solutions cover the entire lifecycle of upstream, midstream, and downstream projects. We deliver tailored services to ensure significant quality improvements and cost savings by leveraging cutting-edge technology and real-world expertise.

By adopting a proactive, risk-based approach to quality control, we help you mitigate potential issues such as equipment failure, component defects, and safety incidents. From planning and design to construction, installation, commissioning, and operations, our end-to-end LNG services guarantee the safety and success of your projects.

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