Senior Executives

Matthew J. Corr | Chief Executive Officer

With over 25 years experience in all aspects of the inspection & analysis industry, Matthew Corr brings a wealth of knowledge to the management, leadership and strategic growth of AmSpec Services. Mr. Corr has considerable experience throughout the entire oil and energy sector, with 15 years in executive management roles. His dedicated attitude encourages and inspires those around him, and his natural instinct in operational and strategic decision making has been invaluable to AmSpec’s continued success.


Malcolm A. Vella | Chief Operating Officer

Malcolm Vella has been with The AmSpec Group since September 2008.  With over 31 years industry experience Mr Vella has covered all aspects from laboratory, inspection and management during his 13 years in Europe and 18 years in North America. Mr Vella oversees all operational sectors of AmSpec’s OGC global business along with the specialty services and is actively involved in the groups continued global growth.

Gerard O'Dell | Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer for AmSpec LLC, Mr. O’Dell has full responsibility for all aspects of the financial function of the organization, systems development and implementation. With over 18 years of financial experience in the inspection industry he is a key contributor as member of the senior team for organizational plans to grow AmSpec internationally.


Yuri Ivchenko | President - EMEA

Yuri Ivchenko has earned degrees in Petroleum Engineering and Economics and brings over 20 years of Industry experience.  As the former Head of Operations at one of the leading Trading companies in the US, Mr. Ivchenko built and managed world-class operations teams.  Mr. Ivchenko provides results-driven leadership.  His entrepreneurial focus, industry experience combined with organizational, and leadership skills, help drive AmSpec’s Global strategy and development.  Mr. Ivchenko is in charge of implementing AmSpec’s dynamic growth plans in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa while maintaining and upholding AmSpec’s values, standards, and principles.

Stanley Gondek | Executive Vice President - North America

Stanley Gondek has been with The AmSpec Group since February 2012 and has over 25 years of experience in the Oil, Gas, and Chemical space.  Stanley came up through the industry starting as a chemist, laboratory manager, and a Laboratory Director before transitioning into operations.  Mr. Gondek oversees all operational units for OGC in North America and is responsible for driving overall growth and profitability.  Stanley has been instrumental in driving the connectivity of our global network to ensure that all our customers experience the same outstanding AmSpec service from all our facilities.

Valentin Rossel | Executive Vice President | Agri

Valentin has a master degree in Agricultural Sciences and joined AmSpec last year with over 14 years’ experience in Agricultural inspection and analytical services.  Valentin started his career as Product Manager at one of the major global inspection companies for the first 7 years.  He then moved to a different global competitor to lead and develop their Agri division, as Senior Vice President. Valentin will play an instrumental role in the further development of the Agri business for the AmSpec Group and its network around the world.