AmSpec is investing in the future of fuels

The US EPA, has incentivized the use of renewable fuels requiring our renewable producing customers to participate in a credit trading program. Conventional refineries can generate credits through the co-processing of biomass feedstocks with conventional crude-oil feedstocks and produce the following Renewable Products:

  • Renewable Diesel
  • Renewable Gasoline
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Our locations and fuels suitable for testing

AmSpec has three laboratory locations as of March 2022 – San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, as well as Houston, Texas. The following fuels are suitable for radiocarbon dating ASTM D6866:

  • Bio-ethanol
  • Renewable diesel
  • Synthetic biodiesel / FAME (fatty acid methyl ester)
  • Hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO)

How we perform radiocarbon dating

ASTM D6866 measures the amount of the C14 molecule within a renewable fuel sample.

  • Because these co-processed materials have identical chemical structure and physical properties as traditional petroleum materials, a new method for identification was needed
  • Crude feedstocks are fossil fuels, aged to a point where the radiocarbon isotopes (C14) are no longer detected
  • Renewable feedstocks are recently materialized biocomponents and contain an abundance of C14 isotopes
  • ASTM D6866 measures the percent modern carbon (pMC) and is used to determine the biogenic and biobased content of the renewable materials