Inspection and testing for many of the world’s oil majors, traders, refineries, and terminals

For over 35 years, AmSpec continues to be one of the world’s leading providers of testing, inspection, and certification services to companies all over the world, in a variety of industries.

We are capable of undertaking any type of inspection and laboratory testing requirements along with speciality services and projects.

AmSpec has capabilities for a wide range of asphalt testing, emulsions, blending, and petroleum wax tests. Download our service flyer below to learn more.

Asphalt testing capabilities

  • R28 / D6521 – Accelerated aging of asphalt binder using a pressurized aging vessel
  • R29 – Grading or verifying the performance grade of an asphalt binder
  • T44 / D2042 – Solubility of asphalt materials in trichloroethylene
  • T48 / D92 – Flash point and fire point by Cleveland open cup
  • T49 / D5 – Penetration
  • T51 / D113 – Ductility of bituminous materials
  • T53 / D36 – Softening point, ring and ball
  • T201 / D2170 – Kinematic viscosity
  • T202 / D2171 – Viscosity by vacuum capillary
  • T228 / D70 – Specific gravity (relative density) of asphalt cement
  • T240 / D2872 – Rolling thin-film oven testing
  • T300 – Forced ductility test of bituminous materials
  • T301 / D6064 – Elastic recovery test of bituminous materials by means of a Ductilometer
  • T313 / D6648 – Determining the flexural creep stiffness of asphalt binder using the bending beam rheometer (BBR)
  • T315 / D7175 – Determining the rheological properties of asphalt binder using a dynamic shear rheometer (DSR)
  • T316 / D4402 – Viscosity determination of asphalt binder using rotational viscometer
  • T350 / D7405 – Multiple stress creep and recovery (MSCR), 25mm plate, 1mm gap
  • T179 / D1754 – Effect of heat and air on asphalt materials (thin-film oven test)
  • D95 – Water in petroleum products and bituminous materials by distillation
  • D2042 – Solubility of asphalt materials in trichloroethylene
  • D6084 – Elastic recovery test of bituminous materials by means of a Ductilometer
  • D7553 – Solubility of asphalt materials in n-propyl bromide
  • D7643 – Determining the continuous grading temperature and continuous grades for PG graded asphalt binders
  • IP469 – S.A.R.A by Latroscan
  • UOP 46 – Wax content
  • EN12591 – Fraass breaking point
  • EN – European methods and other foreign countries