For all the consumers around the world, the access to food and feed safety is an essential requirement. Despite constant efforts from the industry to increase the quality and safety of their products, unsafe food and feed products are regularly reported and affecting our everyday lives.


The AmSpec Agri team consists of experienced and pro-active professionals whose aim is to make food and feed safety simple for every business, government or end-consumer. Our teams of experts are driven by Integrity, Independence and Trust as we are committing every day to provide cost effective tailor made solutions that comply with the ever changing food & feed safety regulations.

AmSpec Agri’s international state of the art network of offices and laboratories offers all the services requested to guarantee safety of your products through Inspection, Testing and Certification. Our experienced inspection teams will mitigate risk of product loss and assist you with all marine insurance related matters, both on a vessel or ashore.


Your Product, Our Expertise

  • At AmSpec, we strive to provide you with superior customer service through a deep understanding of your challenges, market conditions and technical questions related to the products you deal with.


  • Product knowledge is a central theme in your daily business and AmSpec provides this through a team of product experts who are well recognized by the Agriculture industry.

Our Commitment to Agriculture Testing, Inspection & Analysis

Our in house experts are committed to a personalized service through constant follow up of your operations and a total availability for advice and support on different topics such as market regulations, operations, testing requirements, documentation issues and market updates.

AmSpec Agri partners with you to help mitigate the inherent risks through customized coverage solutions such as Stock Monitoring, Warehouse Inspection and Full Outturn Guarantee.

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