Crude oil testing and inspection services at AmSpec are available for cargo tankers, pipelines, storage tanks, refineries, and other sources. Our lab network is well equipped to provide crude oil testing conforming to industry standard protocols.

AmSpec petroleum laboratories test crude oil to recognized industry standards such as ASTM, ISO, IP and others. Crude Oil Assay services could also be arranged. A dedicated staff of field inspectors, laboratory technicians and operations co-coordinators work around the clock to ensure client requirements are being met and to notify relevant parties when cargo analysis is off-spec.

Crude Oil Inspection and Tests:

  • API Gravity

  • Density Sulfur

  • Sulfur Speciation

  • Mercaptan Sulfur

  • Carbon Residue

  • Chloride and Chlorides Content

  • Atmospheric, or Vacuum Distillation

  • High temp SimDis

  • Hydrogen Sulfide analysis

  • Crude oil light ends analysis

  • Trace Mercury Detection

  • Metals in Crude Oil

  • Crude Oil Assay

Crude Oil Assay Expertise

  • At AmSpec, we strive to provide you with superior crude oil assay, inspection and testing through a deep understanding of your challenges, market conditions and technical questions related to the products you deal with.


  • Product knowledge is a central theme in your daily business and AmSpec provides this through a team of product experts who are well recognized by the crude oil industry.


  • For over 30 years, AmSpec LLC has independently and accurately analyzed and measured petroleum and petrochemical products throughout the US, with support from our multiple international affiliate locations. AmSpec and its employees strive for the highest degree of quality performance, which is achieved through clear and well-documented systems, proper training, high qualifications of our employees, and continuous improvements to our overall operations.

Our Commitment to Crude Oil Assay, Testing and Inspection

With AmSpec, we provide the best quality in crude oil assay testing in order to help your organization reduce risk and improve production. Our expertise is like no other in the industry. AmSpec’s chemists and laboratory technicians have years of experience working with oil and gas companies to help them assess their solutions. Our in-house experts are committed to providing expert crude assay, inspection and testing services through constant follow-up of your operations and total availability for advice and support on different topics such as market regulations, operations, testing requirements and market updates.

Quality Crude Oil Assay Testing from AmSpec

AmSpec is the world’s leading provider of oil, gas and chemicals testing. We have a collection of facilities, laboratories and resources around the world to ensure your products meet and exceed global regulatory compliance standards. 

Contact the AmSpec team today to learn more about our crude oil assay, testing and inspection services.