The aviation industry has significantly grown over the last few decades. There is an increased need for jet fuel testing analysis to ensure safe, predictable flights. At AmSpec, we offer a complete fuel testing package to ensure that your aircraft fuel meets quality and regulatory specifications for optimal performance. We take pride in providing the best customer service, sound analytical testing, and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

AmSpec laboratories are equipped to provide full jet fuel testing for JET-A, JP5, JP8, and other aviation fuels. The testing conforms to government, ASTM, IP, IATA and other recognized industry standards.

Jet and Aviation Fuel Testing Analysis Services

We cover comprehensive areas of analysis in our fuel test packages to provide quality, precision, and accuracy. You can take advantage of our state-of-the-art equipment and highly experienced laboratory team by partnering with us.

Some of our testing includes: quality and volatility tests, appearance analysis, combustion analysis, water separation characteristics, composition analysis, traceability, fluidity, contamination analysis, lubricity, corrosion analysis, degradation storage problems monitoring, thermal oxidation stability, microorganism fuel tests, biocide treatment and monitoring, soak tests, and monitoring gum formation.

Classification of Jet Fuel

With over 30 years of service, AmSpec is one of the leading testing partners in the industry. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 which allows us to provide quality petrochemical and petroleum laboratory and inspection Services. The systems are built to evolve with the constantly changing technology and quality standards for high levels of efficiency.

Jet Aviation Fuel Testing Conforms to:

  • ASTM D1655/910 Ave Turbine Fuel Specifications and Aviation Gasoline

  • Def Stan 91-91 (DERD 2494)

  • Jet fuel degradation during storage

Amspec can help identify jet fuel storage problems by monitoring:

  • Gum Formation ASTM D381

  • Microorganism (Bacterial Growth) Fuel Test Kits

  • Biocide treatment and monitoring

  • Thermal Oxidation Stability

Why AmSpec for Jet Fuel and Aviation Testing?

AmSpec Services, LLC provides custom solutions for all your products, testing, and timeline needs. We have the capacity and resources to offer accurate jet fuel testing analysis, dependable results, and fully independent reporting.

We expose the fluid to temperature, flow, and pressure during fuel testing. Our cutting-edge laboratory equipment allows our talented experts to condition fuel to extreme subzero to high temperatures. As a result, you are assured of your product’s capacity to withstand extreme temperatures in the aviation field.

Being an active member of I.F.I.A., G.A.F.T.A., A.P.I, and A.S.T.M allows our company to improve and maintain the quality of all operational and regulation protocols.

With our fuel testing programs, you should expect:

• Laboratory testing
• Sample diagnosis
• Sample report
• Recommendations

We ensure that your fuel meets insurance and regulatory requirements. Certifying jet fuel also provides optimum fuel usage efficiency and durable, safe performance of an aircraft.

Contact us today for answers to all questions about jet fuel testing analysis.