At AmSpec, we are committed to providing reliable, timely, and unbiased analytical services to our clients.

Our facilities across the United States and around the world have the capabilities to perform a wide range of analyses on a multitude of products including biofuel, petroleum, petrochemical and agricultural commodities. Our highly-trained and experienced lab staff and state of the art laboratories ensure that the analyses are performed with the highest level of quality, accuracy, and precision.

AmSpecĀ  prides itself on exceeding client expectations by providing sound analytical science, unsurpassed testing quality and excellent customer service. We have instituted a comprehensive, constantly evolving quality control system in order to ensure analytical integrity. The program is built around ISO 9001:2015 and other national and international quality standards. It encompasses a range of activities that enables us to achieve and maintain high levels of accuracy and proficiency. It covers all facets of the laboratory testing process from sample handling, instrument performance validations, to certificate generation. AmSpec strictly adheres to standards and guidelines from API, ASTM, and IFIA. We are also active participants in ASTM.