AmSpec - Custody Transfer Metering Services provided to the Petroleum Industry.

AmSpec’s very own Specialist Fiscal Metering / Custody Transfer Division, has a team of very highly experienced Individuals, each having as a minimum, no less than 15 years of experience within the Petroleum Custody Transfer / Fiscal Metering Discipline.  Our Senior Metering Consultants have at least 20 years of Metering Experience, with some of our Team as much as 30 years of Metering Experience.

So, you can rest assured that AmSpec will provide you with the very best of expertise and a highly professional service.

AmSpec’s Metering Division, work to all the relevant National and International Standards for Petroleum Custody Transfer, Liquid / Gas Metering, such as the ISO, AGA, API- MPMS, OML, OMNL, as well as various other National Guidelines and Codes as applicable by location.

From the Outset, AmSpec provides a range of Specialist Metering services from the Initial Conceptual Stage of Design Engineering to the following:

  • System Application suitability, Incorporating the initial Engineering requirements at the Design Stage to meet all required international Standards and National Guidelines
  • Overseeing the Engineering Construction
  • Factory Testing and Inspection Reporting
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)
  • Site Installation and Acceptance (SAT)
  • Metering System Commissioning
  • Manpower Expertise for the Daily, Weekly, Monthly – Operation and Maintenance of the Metering Systems
  • Future Operational Compliance – System Auditing.

Our most recent project is Flow Meters Calibration Services in Iraq. We are providing full time metering engineers to regularly calibrate and monitor the metering system there and issue compliance certificates including uncertainty of each skid. We also support our customers by sourcing the required spare parts to ensure uninterrupted operations.

For further details please see our more comprehensive list of Services offered by clicking this link.